Event Videos

Capture those moments that only come from live events

Corporate Events

Capture all the best bits from your corporate event and turn them into a highlight reel for both staff and your clients to see how you do it best. Sit down with one of our consultants and tailor a video solution to match any budget without compromising on quality. Some of our major clients use this service at expos to capture customers interacting with their products and services to then show the positive outcome via their marketing portals.

Private Events 

Offered to our customers who would like to document that all important life event. Weddings, baptisms, and christenings are the most popular events we capture in 4k resolution. Make an appointment for one of our consultants to come out and visit at a time that suits you to discuss your private event solution.

Live Performances

We have over five years experience in filming live music performance. Live bands, solo artist and theater acts are some of the more popular performance we have filmed over the years. Give yourself the ability to share your talent with the world by allowing us to create an inspiring video clip in true high definition.